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Patrik Birkhane
Life Coach + Human Being
Still Searching?
Do you feel a longing deep within that there has to be more to life?

Maybe you've accomplished the things that you set out to do, but still you're not feeling happy or fulfilled?

Have you searched for the answers in many places, only to end up with more questions?

You're not alone, because that used to be me...

Following a long process of seeking, with many ups and downs, I finally realized that there's only one place to find what you're looking for: Within.

If you are ready to commit to the process, I can help guiding you there...

"Patrik is a fantastic human being who has helped me a lot starting to unlock my inner voice, to unlock my heart. As a coach Patrik is filled with wisdom, authenticity, kindness and sense of humor. He holds some type of clarity helping him and me sorting out the true essence of the things going on in my body and mind. I can really recommend Patrik to anyone seeking any kind of guidance in their life."
”Patrik has helped me face the deepest, scariest, most unsettling emotions that I’ve been struggling with. He made me understand the traumatic patterns I suffered from and guided me to places within that I didn’t dare to go on my own. A process which helped me make more peace with myself.”
"Patrik is a warm, intuitive and authentic human being. He has made a tremendous difference for me, especially when I struggle the most or confront parts of myself that are difficult to face. His guidance and perspectives help me grow as a person. I’m forever grateful to have him by my side."
"Patrik always leads with love and is a master in creating a safe space. I’ve learnt more about myself through my conversations with Patrik than I’ve done in years of therapy. He manages to balance the act of being a sparring partner for your mind and asks those hard questions that leads to the essence of life challenges."
"I have always been on the run, numbing my feelings with diversionary maneuvers. With Patrik's spiritual guidance, I have understood and faced the causes of my inner wounds, gaining a deeper emotional understanding for myself. I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without him."
"Patrik's intuition and knowledge is so natural. His presence and space-holding felt very safe and relaxed. He has guided me into my subconcious mind. Given me tools for access, allowance for emotions to take place and helped me to transform them. The love and appreciation for our time together still overflows me!"
Want to try if we're a good match?
Book a free exploration session.
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Book a free explorations session.
No strings attached.
Why Me?
There are some great coaches, psychologist and therapists out there - and also some not so great ones… So, if formal education and certification isn’t the single determining factor of good counseling, what is? For me, it comes down to how much inner work and personal development that person has done. Following a spiritual awakening that started in 2014, I've been exploring the depths of my own psyche. A process which has helped me face my darkness and fears, heal childhood traumas and reshape unhealthy behavior patterns. This has led me to a deeper understanding of who I really am - beyond the ideas shaped by family, culture and society. Having people trust me with their innermost feelings, dreams and emotional burdens is not a responsibility I take lightly. But the more of the inner work I've done, the more I'm able to be of service for others in a counseling role. If you feel ready to go on your own inner adventure to understand more about yourself - maybe we can go together?
My Approach
When I'm in session with you, I am fully present. I guide with clarity, realness, humor and love. I create a safe setting for you, which allows for heavy and difficult emotions to be felt and transmuted into wisdom.

I don’t have a secret three step coaching model™ -
but I'll provide you with tools that can help you transform your pain and struggles into wisdom and grace.

I can’t promise you quick results -
but if you show up and do the work, you'll see a change.

You're going to have to deal with the heavy stuff -
but in the end, you'll come out with a lighter heart.

I don't have your answers -
but I'll guide you closer to finding your own truth.

Ready For Change?
For any questions, send me an email:
I offer all new clients a call to see if we're a good match. No strings attached.
Free Exploration Call
Personal Life
I love exploring my creativity and authentic expression in many different ways. What's most important to me in life is friendship, love and deep connection.

Life is for living. And for the short time I'm here, I'm going to allow myself to follow my dreams. Because if where not here to live out our dreams, what's the point?
I live on Gotland, a small island in the Baltic sea, with my wife Yolanta and our two cats, Atlas and Mini. We moved here from Stockholm some years back, which gave us the time and space to figure ourselves out a bit more and what a meaningful life looks like.

Under the banner Studio Birkhane, we take on creative endeavors together. We have a yoga studio, we host retreats and we produce visual content.
Phone: +46 (0) 735 031919
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